Savanna Riker is a New Thought minister, spiritual leader, educator, writer, musician, pioneer, and visionary, currently the youngest minister in the Centers for Spiritual Living movement. She has an adventurous spirit, having spent an extensive time abroad, living in both Egypt and Ukraine during their tumultuous revolutions


Rev. Savanna  came to the New Thought Ancient Wisdom philosophical teachings at 16 years of age and was the first International Youth Community Spiritual Leader for the organization, United Church of Religious Science from 2002-2006. She spent those years pioneering a path for youth, speaking, facilitating workshops, and traveling the USA and the world speaking at conferences and conventions at the Monterrey, CA Asilomar Conference Center, United Center for Spiritual Living centers, and a diverse array of communities about the importance and power of youth in the world.

She has spoken to study groups in London and Cairo, and has been working with the self-development and spiritual community, TEMENOS Self-Realization Center in Ukraine, as a speaker, young adult facilitator, and guest teacher for the last 12 years.

 She lived in Egypt in 2012 during their revolution pursuing her passion for global ministry and has spent an extensive time in Ukraine leading workshops, classes and an Annual peace conference the year of Ukraine's revolution in 2014. Savanna has a Masters Degree in Consciousness Studies from The School for Spiritual Leadership in Denver, Colorado and is currently the youngest minister in Centers for Spiritual Living. She is on the cover of the February 2015 edition of Science of Mind magazine and her article "The Sacred Amidst the Shadows" is featured. Her passion is to be a bridge amongst peoples of diverse cultures and religions globally, inspiring social change, tools for development, and the elevation of love consciousness on the planet.